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There are many animals that come into our rescue that will most likely will never be adopted out.  The reasons they don't get adopted are usually medical, size, temperament or a combination of all.  Since we do not euthanize animals for space, many of these "lifers" grow old here and consider this their home.  The cost of upkeep can be overwhelming at times for us, so in order to help these "lifers",  we have decided to start a program for them.

Support-A-Pet is a foster program where your yearly donation goes to support one of our lifetime residents.  We have many to choose from and a variety of critters that could really use your help!  Sulcata tortoises, iguanas, various large snakes, lizards and even the racoons are all in need of support!  If you can't have your own animal, why not support-a-pet from our sanctuary?  

Choose your own or have us choose one for you!  Your donation will go 100% to the pet you foster!  You can specify an animal in the note section in Pay Pal or by sending us a letter with your donation!  We will mail you your foster pets photo and history as well as quarterly updates on their life here at ACR!  This program makes a great gift for the animal lover in your family as well!  Please consider supporting one of the following animals....
The Sulcata's...         
         Mr. G         
         Big Boy         
We have numerous other animals whose profiles we are working on!
For more information on this program please e-mail us!!