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About Us.....
Aglyphic Creatures Rescue is an animal rescue and sanctuary dedicated to the education of the public about proper husbandry skills, responsible pet guardianship, the prevention of cruelty to animals through investigation and prosecution of cruelty offenders, rehabilitation of animals, promoting educated homes, good animal health and well being, and alleviating animal suffering while creating a safe sanctuary for those animals.
Our Mission Statement
Since 1994, we have been working with local schools, clubs and juvenile programs.  Our "hands on" Educational Program has been a great success and we enjoy giving back to our community.  The "students" really seem to enjoy handling the animals and learning about proper care and nutrition.  For more information on booking Aglyphic Creatures as a guest speaker, please e-mail us!
Educational Program
We are a registered non-profit organization!!!!!
  • paper towels
  • newspaper
  • cages (all sizes)
  • straw
  • reptile bedding
  • bowls/dishes
  • paper plates
  • REPTILE lights / uvb bulbs
  • wee wee pads
  • toys (large and small animals)
  • spray bottles
  • HORSE hay
  • HORSE bedding
  • office supplies
  • trash bags
  • hemastats / tongs
  • fruits, vegetables, salads
  • nolvason
  • gift certificates to SAM's Club
  • Foods
     canned dog food (for lizards)
      dry dog or cat food (raccoons, ferrets)
      ferret food
      hamster food (hamsters, squirrels)
      rat or mice food
      chicken feed
      Blue Seal Carb Guard horse feed